Christopher R. Gabel draws attention on canvas through his infectious and emotional thoughts. His unique style allows him an expression that inspires inquisitive and creative thinking.

Canadian born of German decent has acquired his knowledge with a Double Bachelor of Art and Art History degree from both The University of Toronto and Sheridan College respectfully.

His work will entertain, inspire and be simply known as a Gabel."

Rishi Narinesingh - Agent

Most viewers are not aware of the fact that when Christopher Roy Gabel Paints, his process rarely if ever includes the use of a paintbrush or paint mediums or thinners.Most of the paint that covers the surface of his canvas is applied almost exclusively with his fingers,and larger areas with scrapers and palette knives. Though it is not clear on the website, it becomes much more evident when the viewer is faced with his work in the flesh. When one is confronted by one of his canvas', one can see more clearly that his fingers are the tools with which he prefers to work, and the actual visible marks and fingerprints amongst the dabs, smudges, and smears to be found therein;his signature, especially since he refuses to actually sign his works anywhere on their face.